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About Sparsh Dak:

  •  Microsoft-Certified MS Office Specialist.
  • Founder & CEO of Phoenixx, The Phoenixx Magazine, The Phoenixx Foundation.
  • Certified Advanced-Computers & Website Designer & Developer.
  • National & International Award Winner in Computers, Economics, Art, and English.

As learning is an ongoing process, there is something new and unique to be learnt every day. Therefore, while these achievements have been accomplished, we know that there is always scope for improvement, and we can always be better versions of ourselves. Keeping the interests of our clients as our first priority, we have built our brand on the following three pillars:



Of course, Quality always comes first, and you will never see any compromise in Quality when it comes to our work. We put our 100% into delivering on our promises, and we assure you that we put our money where our mouth is.



A founding principle that is common in every revolutionary, our Integrity holds strong, and we pride ourselves on our Ethical Responsibilities and Trustworthy nature. When you share your vision and details with us, we assure you confidentiality and trust. 



A big barrier in today's evolving world is the ever-rising cost of production. Well, worry not, for we will provide you with the best services for the least possible cost. Cost-effectiveness is one of our most important beliefs, and we strive to reduce your expenses to the best possible level. 





Here are the services that you can avail from us:

Website Design and Management

If you would like to get your website designed at an affordable, reasonable price with no compromise in quality, contact us for more information.

Social Media Content Creation 

If you would like us to create posts for your feed on different Social Media Platforms, contact us for more information.

Social Media Design, Marketing, & Management

If you would like us to cover all your Social Media needs, including content creation, analytical marketing, structure and design, and more, contact us for more information.

Website Hosting

If the pages of your website are already designed, and you are looking for the best hosting options, contact us to find out more.

YouTube Channel Management

If you would like us to manage your YouTube Channel and optimise it to the highest quality, contact us for more information.

Business Development & Brand Management

Our most iconic, client-favourite, and classic service is Overall Brand Management and Business Development. With creative ideas and solutions, we manage and grow your business, whether it is from scratch or pre-existing! It really is the all-in-one best deal for you to choose for your business.

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